Radio Taxi Quimpérois taxis offer you a full range of services to make your travel easier and your stay in Quimper or in Finistère as pleasant as possible.

Feeling concerned by our customers satisfaction over the years, Radio Taxi Quimpérois has developed a range of personal taxi transport services in Quimper. Today, whether you’re individual or professional, we have a range of services.

Our 18 taxi drivers welcome you 24/7 in their high standing vehicles. Three categories of vehicles are available to best meet your needs : sedan, station wagon and minivan. We can transport up to 6 persons in the mean time.

A partial list of services that our taxis may offer you :

For individuals

You can rely on our 18 taxi drivers to travel safely.

  • Departing or arriving the train stations and airports in the region
  • Trips to various businesses in Quimper or elsewhere (hairdressers , supermarket , etc.)
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Transport from your home to your workplace
  • School transport
  • Medical transportation

For Professionals

Radio Taxi Quimpérois taxis can also ensure your professional transport.

  • Departing from or arriving at train stations or airports of the region
  • Transfers to different hotels in Quimper and other towns
  • Seminars
  • Transportation from your hotel to your appointment

For tourism

Our taxis are able to support you in your movements during your stay in the area.

  • Tours
  • Visits to monuments
  • Transport to campsites, hotels or guest houses
  • Transport to the beach

For nightlife

With our group of taxi drivers, make sure to get a taxi even at night :

  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Nightclubs