In Quimper and looking for a taxi at an affordable rate ? Radio Taxi Quimpérois offer a quality service without breaking the bank. Discover our main rates below.

Our 18 taxis are at your disposal 24/7 to drive you wherever you need and wherever you want. Our rates is always competitive and tailored to suit your needs.

Our services include a DAY rate and a NIGHT rate :

  • DAY rate : 7:00AM – 7:00PM
  • NIGHT rate : 7:00PM – 7:00AM

The night rate is also applied on Sundays and public holidays.

Below find a partial list of our rates. These rates are indicative basis, the final amount to be paid depends on the exact address of departure and arrival.

The displayed rates are calculated with taxi meter, from Quimper train station.


Taxi rates to the main airports in Finistère. Don’t hesitate to contact us for rates to other airports in Brittany.

DestinationDAY rateNIGHT rate
Quimper/Pluguffan airportFrom 15€From 20€
Lorient airportFrom 107€From 160€
Brest airportFrom 121€From 180€
Nantes airportFrom 390€From 582€
Rennes airportFrom 353€From 529€


Taxi rates to the main train stations in Finistère. Do not hesitate to contact us for rates to other train stations in Brittany.

DestinationDAY rateNIGHT rate
Lorient train stationFrom 106€From 157€
Brest train stationFrom 120€From 178€
Châteaulin train stationFrom 47€From 70€
Rosporden train stationFrom 32€From 46€


Taxi rates to the main cities in Finistère.

DestinationDAY rateNIGHT rate
AudierneFrom 65€From 98€
BenodetFrom 30€From 44€
ChâteaulinFrom 45€From 67€
CombritFrom 27€From 39€
ConcarneauFrom 40€From 59€
CrozonFrom 92€From 137€
DouarnenezFrom 35€From 52€
FouesnantFrom 18€From 25€
GuilvinecFrom 50€From 75€
Le FaouFrom 71€From 106€
LocronanFrom 28€From 40€
LoctudyFrom 42€From 62€
Penmarc'hFrom 51€From 74€
Pont L'AbbéFrom 32€From 46€
QuimperléFrom 76€From 114€
Sainte MarineFrom 33€From 49€

Payment terms

You can pay us cash, by check or by credit card.